All natural soy scented candles by Lavish & Co.

3.) All natural soy scented candles by Lavish & Co.

All natural soy scented candles, handcrafted with love!  Lavish & Co evolves around the concept of healthy living. We use all natural products in our candles and create scents that will fill your room with all the things you love.  Our candles are triple scented with the highest quality essential oils so you can feel good about what you are breathing in.  Prices start at $12. We promote sustainability – our containers are completely reusable and we encourage our customers to bring in the empties for us to happily refill for an additional 20% off.   Prices start at $12. So take a deep breath, smile, and feel good about it!

Find Lavish & Co in booth # 119 at the Craft Culture Holiday Market, December 10-11 2016!