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When I was a kid we had a dog, her name was Nipper. Back then the only food restriction was chicken bones. Nipper ate commercial and economical dry kibble, she chewed on all kinds of bones prepared in many different ways, she played with sticks, she wandered the neighborhood and she ate whatever she found, whenever she wanted. Nobody’s dog had canine allergies, skin problems or joint issues and when you did hear about these issues they were attributed to pure breed (over bred) canines. These days skin issues, allergies and death caused by commercially made and economical dog food seems to be a common occurrence. Allergies in canines like humans have shown a dramatic increase since I was a child. Allergies appear to occur suddenly but in reality tend to develop slowly due to overexposure. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have there is a 50% chance that your dog will have some form of allergy.

There are 3 main allergens that are known to affect our canine companions. These are fleas, pollens and foods. However, there is growing concern that food additives like preservatives, pesticides and hormones as well as substandard ingredients are also having devastating effects on our companion animals. This makes good sense as these same additives are having a devastating effect on humans as well. Preventing allergies by limiting exposure to common allergens, preservatives, additives and contaminants is the proactive approach and it is never too late to make that switch. If your pet already has skin issues you can start by eliminating common allergens from their diet.

The most common foods that trigger allergies or sensitivities are:

You’ll notice that most of these ingredients are common in commercial dog foods. Following an elimination diet can help you to pinpoint the cause of yours pets skin irritations. This is a great link to help you with the elimination process. Pet Education My own Chuck Norris began to have hay fever when he was about two years old which prompted me to make some changes to his diet. At the time it didn’t occur to me to also change his treats. His allergies improved over time but then Bella came to the family with an extreme allergy to wheat. There was a
significant lack of hypoallergenic treats that were also preservative free available at our local pet supply stores so we made our own.

We developed our own recipes using human grade, healthy and flavorful ingredients and soon our dogs would not eat any other type of treat. Friends, family and friends of friends began to order treats for their own pups and our business was born. Today we hand make many pet products that are free of contaminants and preservatives using only quality materials and ingredients. Check out our website to see our full range of products and bakery items.